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BMEcat 2005 out now! After completing the review phase, the new version is available

November 4, 2005 - After completing the public review phase, the new version BMEcat 2005 of the standard for the exchange of electronic product catalogs has finally been released. Many BMEcat users, cooperation partners and software providers have submitted valueable comments and suggestions concerning the draft version. Due to this feedback from the market, it is guaranteed that the new release addresses current needs.

BMEcat 2005 comes with a number of improvements that extend its coverage to further industries and product segments. Therefore, BMEcat supports buyers and suppliers on an even broader basis when it comes to exchanging product catalogs.

The most important improvements are as follows:

  • Support of external catalogs (i.e. OCI, PunchOut, RoundTrip)
  • Enhanced product model for complex, configurable products
  • Enhanced price model (i.e. dynamic pricing)
  • Enhanced product description for logistics purposes
  • Multilinguality
  • Multi-supplier catalogs

Despite all these extensions, the new release is fully compatible with BMEcat 1.2.

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